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The-Australian-Medical-DictionaryThe Australian Medical Dictionary is intended as a quick and handy reference guide for the causes, symptoms, diagnostic tests and treatments for the most commonly occurring medical conditions, giving Australians a must have for every first aid kit.

This book is Judith's first book and was written in 2008 from her own professional point of view, that of a general practitioner who works with patients every day. It was published by New Holland Publishers Australia.

I have outlined the conditions I most commonly encounter and present them to the reader as a snapshot of causes, symptoms, diagnoses and possible treatment regimes. This will help both health professionals and the general reader whose first point of contact is their GP. I've included a Summary of System Symptoms to help the reader locate medical disease and illness. This book has an easy to use 'A-Z format' and will be ideal for the home, office or workplace. It will be great reading for the whole family and a great reference for parents, in a language that everyone will be able to understand. At the back of the book, I have included a 'Quick Reference List of Conditions' to help the reader navigate this dictionary.

Dr Judith O'Malley-Ford

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With the revolution in medical information, readers often find it difficult to find their way through the differing views on causes, symptom and diagnoses and treatments of medical conditions. So it is with great pleasure that I accepted Dr Judith O'Malley-Ford's invitation to herald this book as a quick reference guide.

The Australian Medical Dictionary covers a vast range of topics and simplifies the information into a friendly text, and Dr Judith O'Malley-Ford is well qualified to provide a systematic review across the range of medical conditions described in this book.

She has held positions of Medical Superintendent of the Queensland Spastic League of Queensland, Medical Officer in Community Paediatrics for the Department of Child Health, and medical Co-ordinator of the Medical Board of Queensland as well as Medical Superintendent of the Mater Adult Hospital in Brisbane. She is currently working full time in General Practice.

I believe we will all find value in having the text as par of our reference library.

Dr William Glasson, National Past President of the Australian Medical Association

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