The Medical Dictionary of Conditions and Diseases

The Medical Dictionary of Conditions and Diseases


The-medical-Dictionary-of-Conditions-&-DiseasesThe Medical Dictionary of Conditions and Diseases was published by New Holland Publishers (UK) in 2012, and is intended as a quick and handy reference guide for the causes, symptoms, diagnostic tests and treatments for the most commonly occurring medical conditions.

The book is Judith's second non fictional medical book and was written from her own professional point of view, that of a general practitioner who works with patients every day.

I have outlined the conditions I most commonly encounter and present them to the reader as a snapshot of causes, symptoms, diagnoses and possible treatment regimes. This will help both health professionals and the general reader whose first point of contact is their GP. I've included a Summary of System Symptoms to help the reader locate medical disease and illness. At the back of the book, I have included a 'Quick Reference List of Conditions' to help the reader navigate this dictionary.

Dr Judith O'Malley-Ford


Our health is our most precious possession. As individuals, as parents and partners, and as friends and neighbours; in our relationships with all these, issues of health are so important.
Everyone needs a convenient reference text, authoritative and concise, to answer the frequent questions which arise about disease and injury. This reference medical dictionary, written for all irrespective of one's calling, trade or profession, admirably satisfies this need. Parents will find it invaluable because an inescapable role of parenthood is the regular management of illness and injury in our children. Partners will find it invaluable, as one so often has to make decisions about whether symptoms should lead one to seek medical advice. Colleagues at work will find it helpful, as sickleave in a team member necessarily involves others.
A strength of 'The Medical Dictionary of conditions and diseases' is the clear discussion of common symptoms, in addition to the descriptions of important diseases. Another strength is the explanation of Doctors' jargon. So often, after a medical or health-clinic visit, one needs to return home to look up the meaning of a technical term. The meaning of such medical terms is often taken for granted by others. The topics covered herein range from lice to lung cancer, from prostate cancer to the problems of puberty. I commend this book and will keep my copy of it on my own shelves.

Emeritus Professor Major General John Hemsley Pearn
MD, PhD (London), DSc, FRCP, FRACP, DCH, AM, AO

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